Tricks to Last Longer in Bed

Want to experience that pleasure in bed for few hours more? Try out these amazing tricks to last longer in Bed.

  1. Live an Active Lifestyle

A bad body shape can affect your sex life, making things difficult for both of you. According to the expert Dr. Levine it is essential to stay in shape to enjoy a healthy sex life. So, if you don’t get enough time to exercise then the best alternate is to stay active. Staying active would make you feel healthier and you get the stamina needed to stay longer in bed.


  1. Try Masturbating Before Making Love

This is another proven way to make longer in bed. This trick really works! If a male finds enough time for masturbation session then he would see the benefits while making in bed. It is because once he has already ejaculated then he would require more time to do the same second time.

  1. Extend Foreplay

One of the best tricks to last longer in bed is to increase the time of foreplay. This would give you extra minutes to overcome the PE. Though you might have sex for the same duration, but extended foreplay time would be like hours for her. Also, this would give you enough time for stimulation.

  1. Try the Start – Stop Technique

This trick is practiced by most of the couples. It requires equal participation of both the partners. It involves continuing the sexual activity to reach orgasm and then stop everything till the feeling goes away. Once the emotions are subsided you may them stimulate responses and then practice it again till you reach orgasm. Going through repeated cycles would eventually result in better orgasm and better ejaculation.


  1. Try Different Positions

More pleasure and extended hours in bed are achievable when you keep on changing the positions. Trying different positions can promote regular arousal but would not lead to ultimate orgasm. Hence it will take more time to reach the final orgasm and hence more time in the bed.

  1. Use Condoms

This thin plastic is perfect not just to avoid unwanted pregnancy and disease, but also to offer you excellent performance on the bed. It is because it creates a small barrier between you and your partner, and hence avoids over stimulation.

There are numerous other tricks to last longer in bed and these are just few among them. Just try one trick at a time to see what works best for you!

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